3 Tips To Make ‘Christmas Carding’ Easier

So it’s that time of year again…

If you are like me, you love the adorable Christmas cards that come from your friends and family all over the world. And you like to express your personality in your own card and creatively display them in your home, right? Do you have the wire Christmas tree, or wreath, or star that you stick them in? Or a certain basket, or the little wire stand that you hang them on, or are you like me, with the cutesy ribbon and clothespins hanging on the wall? Are you an ‘address them over Thanksgiving’ kind of person or ‘forget all about it and frantically searching for a picture or photographer the first week (or third week) of December’ kind of person?

No matter your style, there is one bit of information crucial to successful ‘Christmas Carding’. The correct address! And rather than trying to dig through old emails or messaging everyone last minute to update your address list, make it a habit to update it all year long.

Here are 3 tips to help make ‘Christmas Carding’ easier:

  1. When you receive a Christmas Card or personal note in the mail, don’t throw the envelope away! Whenever a Christmas card or another personal note comes into the house, the first thing I do is update my address book. I actually try and do this before I even open the card as it serves as a little motivation to get it done. If it’s already open, just be sure to hang on to the envelope with the address on it so you can update your address book before throwing it away.
  2. When you get an email with an address change, update your address book right then! I know, I know.  It’s so hard to remember. But it pays off around this time of year in a BIG way. I simply copy and paste the update directly into my address book. If you are a Mac user, you can easily hover over the address and go through the steps to add it to your contacts. You could also flag the email or place it in a folder named “Address Change” to update in the future, but why delay the inevitable?
  3. Keep a record of what you did last time. This may seem like common sense but it makes the process so much easier if you have a reference to what you have done before.  We do not send out cards every year so this is particularly important for me. Maybe it’s tagging contacts in your address book as “Christmas Card 2015,” or creating a spreadsheet with names, or simply leaving your written or printed checklist in your Christmas decoration box.  There are a lot of great card companies that now handle this for you as well.  Check out Shutterfly, Minted, and Tiny Prints.  I prefer the more economical route, so I stick with Costco.  Walmart also offers quick turn around and their card collection has improved over the years.

If you need a little more motivation, just think about how the cost of stamps has gone up over the years. First class forever stamps are now 49 cents EACH!  By keeping your address book updated and not having returned cards that you have to use another stamp to mail, you could easily earn a Sonic Happy Hour drink in no time!

Maybe this is too crazy to keep up with the whole year and you thrive under the last minute pressure. That’s great too! Just figure out your HOW and have a blast this Christmas. And please, share your fun or helpful tips in the comments so we can all get new ideas for this season!

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  1. Just as a fun side note – I love snapping a photo of each Christmas card with my phone, and updating that contacts photo with the card photo. This way, I get to enjoy the cards all year! ?

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