5 Things To Forget About This Holiday Season

Tips to ENJOY the holidays

I can remember the year I got exactly what I wanted for Christmas. An aqua huffy “big girl” bike with pink accents, white tires and basket, with Spokey Dokeys on the tires. I think I saw angels, and glitter, and all things sparkly and girly in the moment of surprise. It was also the year I figured out that Santa wasn’t real. Funny that what I wanted was on the list I gave him. My parents left the box in the garage and didn’t do a great job with a cover story. Of course I immediately felt good about myself that I had figured it out and moved on.

If you are like me, you might have some mixed emotions about the holiday season. I LOVE Fall and the anticipation of the holidays, but sometimes my expectations get the best of me and I end up not really living in the holiday season. Many times, I just survive. So this year, I am intentionally making it a point to forget about 5 things this holiday season to help me enjoy it more.

5 Things To Forget About This Holiday Season

1. Forget about what everyone else is doing.

How many times are we enjoying ourselves and suddenly get caught up wondering what everyone else is doing. It’s as easy as hopping on Facebook or Instagram and allowing negative thoughts to creep in. So this year, intentionally decide to forget about it. Maybe that means you have a social media fast for the holiday season. If you are not able to see everyone’s pictures without feeling jealous or sad or left out, why torture yourself? Refuse to allow yourself to participate, and instead be “all there” with whatever YOU have going on.

2. Forget about what you are lacking.

If you live in America and make more than $13,745 per year, your income is in the TOP 10% PERCENT of all the WORLD. You read that right! $13,745 NOT $130,745! Check out Global Rich List for a little perspective. If you feel like you are lacking or not able to do all that you want, have all that you want, or give all that you want, consider a perspective shift. Sometimes our good intentions end up crippling our ability to be grateful. When I struggle with being content, I force myself to write down 100 things I am grateful for. Yes, I said 100. Somewhere between 50-75, I get past the “my car, my family, my house” type things and into the real gratitude that I am seeking, “I am so grateful that she called, that my kids were kind to the new girl, that I was able to spend 15 minutes alone, that God loves me in spite of myself.” Look for opportunities to turn your perceived lack, into the gift of change. Maybe it’s homemade gifts this year. Or the opportunity to refocus your holiday season on what really matters. Maybe it’s serving the poor rather than buying stuff. Maybe it’s finally enjoying a surplus this year and living in gratitude that you have money to spend this year.

3. Forget about comparing this year to previous years.

This goes right along with number 2. It is an important distinction though. It is easy to RUIN a holiday season by focusing on how great another year was and how this year is not measuring up. The same is true for focusing on how awesome this year was, but retelling the past atrocities over and over again, rather than simply enjoying where you are now. It’s one thing to remember, it’s entirely different to dwell on it. Enjoy where you are on your journey TODAY.

4. Forget about keeping up with the Joneses.

It amazes me how much pressure we put on ourselves to keep up with our neighbor, our friends, our family, or our social media feed. “Don’t buy things you can’t afford, with money you don’t have, to impress people you don’t like,” says Dave Ramsey. The same is true even if you like them, too. Seriously, it’s YOUR life. YOUR family. YOUR money. Be a good steward of ALL of it. Who cares if someone has more than you. Most of that has everything to do with YOUR perspective anyways. See number 2.

5. Forget saying “I have to.”

Change that phrase to “I get to.” Another simple tweak to help you enjoy this holiday season. Here are some examples:

  • “I get to buy gifts” instead of “I have to buy gifts.” Many are lonely or broke.
  • “I get to spend extra time with my kids” rather than “I have to entertain my kids for 2 weeks!” Some women are craving to be mothers.
  • “I get to serve this holiday season” rather than “I have to go to one more thing.” Choose what you commit to wisely and then have a good attitude about it. No one wants a Scrooge around.

There they are. Five things I’m intentionally going to forget this holiday season. If you catch me doing any of this, will you graciously remind me of this? Let’s ENJOY this season together.

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3 thoughts on “5 Things To Forget About This Holiday Season

  1. Emily!!
    I love number 5 the most! I’m going to try to catch myself before I say ‘I have to’ and change that into an ‘I get to’!!
    Like instead of saying I have to get groceries and I have to do laundry today, I can say, that I feel blessed that I get to stay at home with my kids while they are growing up and I am truly so thankful for this!!
    Thanks for sharing! I’m so excited to change my own selfishness into gratitude for the things I do have!

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