You are essential.

You have a voice. You have a brain. You have intuition. You have feelings.

That matter.

You are better than your worst day.
You are important not just because of what you do, but who you are, and whose you are.
You are a valuable asset both inside and outside of your home. Both of those matter. Immensely.
Your life is not defined by the monotony or confines of your daily life, but by your perspective, your values, your hopes, your dreams. Even if they are not realized…yet.

You know how to make hard decisions, sacrifice, not settle for the status quo, figure it out, get things done, change directions, and feel….deeply.

You are not JUST a “fill in the blank title.”

You matter.
What you do matters.
You are essential.
What you do is essential.
Welcome to homEssentialist.

homEssentialist provides authentic solutions for running your high-impact home with more confidence, focus, and productivity. I’d like to invite you to join me in creating a remarkable life even in the midst of ordinary circumstances.

About Emily:

Hi there….I am so glad you stopped by.

I’m a Texas raised, Tennessee living, strong willed woman who is on a mission to excel in my role as Home Essentialist (a specialist in running a high-impact home). My passion is to inspire and empower women to realize their full potential, and to truly believe they are essential.  I’ve spent time in the retail and entertainment industry, as well as the non-profit and business sector, and most recently left a role as the Women’s Director for a large student ministry to have a couple of babies…who are not babies anymore.

I’m a recovering perfectionist who has spent the better part of the last decade getting over myself. I also have experienced deep loss and great joys, and I have walked along side many incredible people who have lived the same.  I desire to be a faith-filled woman, a hard worker, a loyal friend, a loving wife, and an available mom.

I love the Fall, being outdoors, flip-flops or rainboots, pilates, Paleo baking (almond flour anyone?) and reading on my adorable mustard yellow kindle.  I’m also slightly obsessed with using Evernote, a big user of Amazon and Apple products, and a fan of Southwest Airlines. (You will find a few posts about those!) I love Jesus, my church family, chai tea with almond milk, deep conversations with friends, and connecting people….especially around the table.  I journey this life with @danieltardy and our two girls.

About homEssentialist

A Home Essentialist is a specialist in running a high-impact home. This includes everything from finances, calendaring, home management, child rearing, spousal support, volunteering, schooling, friending, neighboring, contract negotiation, cooking, cleaning, bookkeeping, home maintenance, party planning, travel arranging, entertaining, corporate functions and executive meetings. The list goes on. A Home Essentialist leads a high-impact life.

homEssentialist.com is-

  1. A place for women to come time and again for practical tips, resources, encouragement, stories, and examples of how to get essential things done to build a high-impact life.
  2. A chronicling of mine and others journeys towards creating a fulfilling and rewarding high-impact life, family, marriage and household.
  3. The premier resource for women fulfilling the role of Home Essentialist.

Please say hello!  I would love to know more about YOU!

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  1. Great meeting you tonight. I’m hooked on your site. I’m so glad Daniel told me about it.
    You go girl….we all need to hear what you have to say.