Evernote For The Home Essentialist

Why Evernote Keeps My Life In Sync

I’m about to confess something to you. Lean in close. Don’t smile…this is serious.

I am a complete and total nerd.

There you have it. Shocking, really. I have disguised myself so that you don’t realize that at first, but I’m built for all things research, organization, and have strong feelings of affection towards efficiency. Nerd, right?

But, I have to let you in on a little secret that I discovered a few years ago. It’s an app called Evernote and it’s like Pinterest, your file cabinet, your brain, your photo album, your to-do list, your recipe box, and your planner all in one simple place. Seriously, you have to try this.

What is Evernote?

“Evernote makes modern life more manageable by letting you easily collect and find everything that matters. From work notes and to-do lists to recipe collections and travel plans, add everything to Evernote to help you get organized without the effort.”

Trash PicOn the advice of our friend Michael Hyatt, I bought into this system and have not looked back. I scanned and shredded every scrap of paper worth keeping in our house, save a few important documents like birth/marriage certificates and the like. I even took a picture when I was done and posted it on Instagram. (NERD! I told you!) It was quite the momentous occasion.

I will have to share the jewels of this program with you over time, but here’s a small taste to maybe inspire you to change your life with Evernote too. The key is that it syncs to ALL OF YOUR DEVICES so basically you have access to anything you need on your phone. No more forgetting important info when you are at the doctor’s office, or traveling, or at the grocery store.

Why do I use Evernote?

  • I scan all receipts for when I need to make returns, claim warranties, or file taxes and have them with me wherever and whenever I need them. No more forgetting receipts at home when you are actually kidless and could make that return!
  • I scan kids artwork, school work, or cute little things I want to remember. I hope to make digital scrapbooks of them one day.
  • I make one page travel itineraries that link to all of the reservations, maps, confirmations, restaurant recommendations, and any other info needed. Makes finding and executing our travel plans a snap.
  • I collect my ideas, blog posts, to do lists, meeting agendas, medical records, financial plans and hair cut ideas, home maintenance info, and inspiration… and have it all with me in the same place at at all times.
  • I store all of my recipes and meal plans in one folder for quick access at the grocery store, at home while I’m cooking, or to send to a friend.

So check it out, tell me what you think. Many apps and software programs like this are marketed for business use, but I am telling you, this is a CRUCIAL tool for me as a Home Essentialist.  It honestly has changed my life. By the way, they have a free version to get you started, but I think the Premium version is WELL worth the price.  If you sign up using my promotional link, you will get one FREE month of premium service.

Join The Conversation: Have you used Evernote? Do you see the benefit of going paperless in your own life? Would you like me to write more step by step instructions for how to incorporate it into your life? You can leave a comment by clicking here.