Exciting Announcement! You Are Essential Store Launch

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I am so excited to announce the launch of the You Are Essential Store. Beginning today, one of my dreams is coming true!!

I want to be a voice in the world that communicates to women, “You Are Essential!”

I want to believe it myself.

I want my daughters to believe it.  I want my friends, my Mom, my sister-in-laws and my daughters’ friends to believe it.

I want the single woman, the single mom, the lonely wife, the estranged mother, the prodigal daughter, the birth mom, and the adopted child to believe it.

I want the homeless woman on the street, the woman stuck in human-trafficking, the orphaned child, the poverty stricken, the suicidal to believe it.

I want the beautiful, the popular, the scared, the anxious, the hopeful and the hopeless to believe it.

Will YOU believe it?

Will you commit to thinking of yourself as essential?  Will you commit to reminding yourself, “You Are Essential?” Will you help me spread the “You Are Essential” message?

I’ve curated a few prints with lettering by my amazingly talented friend, Lindsay, to place by your kitchen sink or your bathroom mirror, or to hang by your bedside or where you hang your car keys.  I hope this is a reminder to you to live out the truth that you matter, you are important, “You Are Essential.”

So who in your life needs to know “You Are Essential” right now? Is it you, or your mom, sister, daughter, friend, teacher, coach, hair dresser, pastor, leader, boss, employee, postal carrier, bus driver, etc? Or any gentlemen out there? What about YOUR wife?

If we all just communicated to each other, “You Are Essential,” how many smiles could we see, days could we brighten, rays of hope could we spread? How many depressed, lonely women could we encourage? How many suicides, school shootings, and desperate acts could we prevent? How many adoptions could we support, marriages could we save, and kids could we rescue? It’s a small phrase that makes a BIG difference.

So let’s start spreading the word (#YouAreEssential). Purchase a “You Are Essential” item in the store for yourself or someone who needs to hear it from you. Join me on my mission to encourage women!

TAKE A PEEK at the STORE here.

Use code YAELaunch for 10% off your PREORDER purchase for a limited time.

You are essential.

You have a voice. You have a brain. You have intuition. You have feelings.

That matter.

You are better than your worst day.
You are important not just because of what you do, but who you are, and whose you are.
You are a valuable asset both inside and outside of your home. Both of those matter. Immensely.
Your life is not defined by the monotony or confines of your daily life, but by your perspective, your values, your hopes, your dreams. Even if they are not realized…yet.

You know how to make hard decisions, sacrifice, not settle for the status quo, figure it out, get things done, change directions, and feel….deeply.

You are not JUST a “fill in the blank title.”

You matter.
What you do matters.
You are essential.
What you do is essential.
Welcome to homEssentialist.

homEssentialist provides authentic solutions for running your high-impact home with more confidence, focus, and productivity. I’d like to invite you to join me in creating a remarkable life even in the midst of ordinary circumstances.

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  1. Just ordered my first print! I’m so excited! What a great reminder this will be throughout the day. Thanks, Emily!

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