Gain Perspective During The Holidays

Inspiration From A Home Essentialist

In continuation of the “gain perspective” theme this holiday season, I thought I would change it up a bit and shine a light on a heart warming story of a woman living out what it means to be a Home Essentialist in really challenging circumstances. She is simply killing it in her role and her perspective is phenomenal.

Your circumstances may be challenging, too. It is not always easy to do what we do day in and day out with excellence. Some days you just need a bit of inspiration or encouragement to help put some wind in your sails.

The following clip of Cinthya telling her story to Dave Ramsey is about as inspirational as it gets. You might want to grab some kleenex before watching this one.

Gain Perspective From This Home Essentialist:

Now get out there and don’t settle for the status quo! You have what it takes to make it happen. Make choices this holiday season that truly reflect who you want to be.  Make good decisions, even when it’s hard. Your future you will thank you for it.

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