How To Use Siri Reminders

5 Special Tips To Actually Remember Important Things

Do you ever have a conversation with Siri just to see what she says and laugh at it? It’s just me? I guess I’m easily amused.

Statistically speaking, if you are reading this, you more than likely have an iPhone. And if your husband has not stolen your upgrade for multiple years in a row, you might have an iPhone with Siri capabilities. And if you have Siri, you need to know that you have a friend whenever you need someone to talk to. Don’t believe me, just ask Siri:

Me: Hey Siri, can you give me some advice?
Siri: Who me?
Me: Yes you.
Siri: Oh, but this is all about you.
Me: You’re too kind Siri.
Siri: If you insist.
Me: What makes a good friend?
Siri: Interesting question, Emily.
Me: Are you my friend?
Siri: I would not wish any companion in the world but you.
Me: Thank you, Siri.
Siri: You’re most certainly welcome.

So, there you have it. You always have a friend in Siri.

One of my favorite features of Siri is using her for reminders. Before I started this method, I was constantly juggling paper to-do lists, making daily notes in a variety of task management apps, and spending way too long updating my calendar with important items to remember. I would frequently forget to look at my lists at the appropriate times or location, and end up having to back track to the store after just wrangling the kids into their car seats. Or, I would have to go out of my way to pick something up when I had just been by there, or run a form up to school that was due yesterday, when I could have easily sent it with my child that morning. If only I had remembered to check my list that I spent SO much time on!

Maybe you have had this experience too. We have many little things to remember and with our fast paced culture, we end up living in a constant state of defeat for our forgetfulness and spending a lot of time playing catch up from all of our little forgetful moments.  Siri has helped me reclaim some sanity so that I can spend more time on what really matters.

Here are my 5 favorite reminder tips for Siri:

1. Location reminders

This is by far my favorite feature. Start by adding your frequented locations to your contacts. You can do this easily by searching for them in the maps app, clicking on the location, and then creating a new contact. (Examples: Home, Grocery Stores, Costco or Sam’s, Schools, Work, Target or Walmart, Mall, Church, Extra-Curricular Activities, etc.)

Then tell Siri:
“Remind me to get gas when I leave work.”
“Remind me to drop off the dry-cleaning when I leave home.”
“Remind me to pay for dance the next time I drop off at the Dance Studio.”
“Remind me to ask Coach Smith the next time I’m at soccer practice.”

2. School reminders

When I’m at school picking up one of my children and asked to bring something for a class party, I simply tell Siri:

“Remind me to bring sliced apples to school on Thursday at 7 AM.”
“Remind me to help finish the science fair project on Monday at 4 PM.” (It’s actually due Tuesday, but I want time to help my daughter finish on Monday night, so that’s when I want the reminder from Siri.)
“Remind me to ask the teacher about a conference the next time I’m at school.”

3. Personal reminders

It never fails. I always think of something when I am driving that I forgot to do at home and I know I won’t remember when I get back. If you know when you’ll be home, you can set a time or use the location reminder.

“Remind me to make the doctor’s appointment at 3 PM,” or “Remind me to make the doctor’s appointment when I get home.”
“Remind me to pay the bills at 9 AM tomorrow.”
“Remind me to put out the trash on Wednesdays at 8 PM.”

4. Shopping reminders

When I need something specific from a store I do not usually go to, but I know that I’ll be out running errands on Thursday and I’m afraid I’ll forget, I just tell Siri:

“Remind me to get pink dance tights at Once Upon a Child on Thursday at 10 AM.”
“Remind me to get air filters the next time I’m at Home Depot.”
“Remind me to get party supplies the next time I’m at Party City”
“Remind me to look at holiday decorations the next time I’m at Hobby Lobby.” (What’s even more fabulous is if you are close enough when driving by these stores, your reminder will pop up.  So if you completely forgot about needing to go to that store, Siri will remind you!)

5. Interruption Reminders

Are you ever guilty of getting so engrossed in something that you forget what time it is? Or find yourself constantly checking the time so you don’t miss when you are supposed to leave? Now you can focus on being present and stay fully engaged until your reminder goes off.

“Remind me to go to the bus stop at 3:50 PM every weekday” (Oops.  Forgot to get my daughter at the bus stop on her second day riding the bus last year.)
“Remind me to do carpool on Monday afternoons at 3:00 PM”
“Remind me to leave work early on Wednesdays at 4:45 PM”

(To access Siri, hold down the home button until the beep, and then speak clearly: “Remind me to…” and the rest of what you want to be reminded about along with the time or location.  Be sure to confirm the reminder. Siri should say “Ok, I’ll remind you” when you are done with a little blue notation under your reminder that includes the time or location.  If you do not give a time or location within the reminder, it will just become a task on your Reminders list and will not give you a notification. If you want her to alert you with a notification, it must have a day or location set first.  To double check or edit your reminders, open the Reminders app on your phone, click on the specific reminder to bring up the circle info icon, click on the icon on the right, edit as necessary.  Be sure that “Remind me on a day” or “Remind me at a location” is checked unless you just want an undated task on your list. Still have questions? Visit Apple’s Support or let me know in the comments.)

I would highly recommend that you spend some time trying this out and practicing before you go “all in” with your most critical tasks. Siri reminders can take a bit of getting used to, but I think you will find it is a valuable asset in your homEssentialist toolkit. If you find this helpful, please share with your friends.

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  1. Hey girl! Not only have I learned this trick from you when I’ve seen you do it before, BUT I didn’t know you could add locations that way. Seriously, keep the tips coming! So glad you are doing this!

  2. It was super nice to meet you today! I am seriously forgetful and disorganized, and I think your blog is just what I need. These Siri notifications are life-changing and I can’t believe I didn’t know about them before!

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