What is a Home Essentialist?

We had just moved.  We were just forced to move.  It was not our plan and this house did not feel like our home.  I can still remember walking through the door for the first time.

I was a twenty-something woman who was no longer employed outside of the home.  I had just quit my full-time job the month before to be…at home.  But not this home. At our other home that I loved.  I had no kids.  I was not pregnant. We were hoping to have a baby soon but after almost eight years of marriage, I was wondering if that was going to happen.  For the first time in my life, I truly did not fit into any normal category.  What twenty-something woman without kids stays at home full-time?  The doubts swirled through my head as I tried to adjust to this new found environment that threatened to swallow me whole.

But it was in this environment that the whole idea of homEssentialist was birthed.  The wrestling and wondering and figuring and adjusting all brought me to a whole new perspective about women and our roles.  I recognize that this whole term “homEssentialist” (Home Essentialist) is new and different but I think new and different can be rather grand.

Home Essentialist by definition:

A Home Essentialist is a specialist in running a high-impact home.  This includes everything from finances, calendaring, home management, child rearing, spousal support, volunteering, schooling, friending, neighboring, contract negotiation, cooking, cleaning, bookkeeping, home maintenance, party planning, travel arranging, entertaining, corporate functions and executive meetings.  The list goes on. A Home Essentialist leads a high-impact life.

What can I find at homEssentialist?

homEssentialist provides authentic solutions for running a high-impact home with more confidence, focus and productivity. It exists to give hope, credibility, and know-how to the Home Essentialist role as we seek to live out remarkable lives in the midst of ordinary circumstances.

homEssentialist.com is-

  1. A place for women to come time and again for practical tips, resources, encouragement, stories, and examples of how to get essential things done to build a high-impact life.
  2. A chronicling of mine and others journeys towards creating a fulfilling and rewarding high-impact life, family, marriage and household.
  3. The premier resource for women fulfilling the role of Home Essentialist.

Every adult woman is a Home Essentialist. We are all curators of our own household, and we are all trying to succeed in the arena of life. We are more alike than we are different, and we can all learn from one another.  Whether we are single or married, young or young at heart, have 5 kids or no kids, whether we work full time inside the home or outside the home, we all have similar things that we do day in and day out to live out our roles.  Rather than placing ourselves in categories that divide women, let’s figure out the best ways to inspire each other to be our best.

At the same time, we all live in the midst of uniquely personal circumstances that will look different than our neighbor. When we choose to see the woman instead of the category and understand the “why” behind her decisions, we can find ourselves with an appreciation of differences and an opportunity to learn from one another. So rather than talk about the dividing line and how that makes us different, let’s talk about best practices of the areas we are all working in. Let’s be leaders in our domains and figure out our own unique ways to live out our roles.

Join The Conversation: What is a unique way you live out your role as a homEssentialist? You can leave a comment by clicking here.