What Women Need To Hear

Three Words That Matter Immensely

I don’t know about you, but at different times in my life, I have really questioned my place, my purpose, and my value. Nothing prepared me for the highs and lows of the last several years. And no amount of knowledge or expectation helped me walk that journey completely unscathed.

In the span of a few short years, I had the opportunity to work through a variety of some of life’s biggest challenges. I left a job I loved, my husband and I were forced to move out of a house we loved, we faced difficulties of getting pregnant, had some relational challenges outside of our control, did a major home renovation, moved, had our first child, faced health issues, suddenly lost my best friend, went through a complicated second pregnancy and birth (only 20 months after the first), moved again, dealt with anxiety, discovered food allergy issues, and saw marriage strain from utter exhaustion of having two kids under age 2.

Life is hard ya’ll. But, you know this. Some seasons are harder than others. Sometimes we are stronger than others. Sometimes we are learning a lesson for the first time, and sometimes it’s the tenth time and we are sick. of. it.

I know from my faith (which informs my world view), that I am loved no matter what. I know that I am fully known and secure. I know that I have worth. And if I ever doubt that, I just have to watch and believe this: 

 Or read Psalm 139. If you ever need to be reminded that you are loved, read Psalm 139. Thankfully, I also have loyal friends and a husband that holds unwaveringly to our vows.

What I was craving to be told during the hard times, though, more than anything else, was “You are Essential.” I needed to know that what I did mattered. That not only was I important, but what I spent my time, effort, and energy on, was important. That it made a difference that I got out of bed in the morning. Like not just a change a dirty diaper difference, but a purposeful difference. That the world was different because I was in it. And not just head knowledge, but deep down in the marrow of my bones knowledge. I wanted to feel passionate about my roles in life and feel confident that I was on a path that was actually contributing to the greater good. After all, the highest meaning of man is to contribute something outside of himself. Don’t take it from me. Read Viktor E Frankl’s book “Man’s Search for Meaning”, about his experiences as a survivor of a Nazi concentration camp and finding meaning in his life.

The more I desired this affirmation in my own life, I have realized that other people need to know the same thing. It’s so easy to feel isolated and alone. It’s was too easy to feel unimportant. But there’s only ONE me, and only ONE you! What we do matters. We have a deep effect on the people around us. We are not just living for the monotony or the thrills of life. We have gifts, talents and ideas that the world needs to have. Whether you focus your gifts on the kids in your home, the work that you love (or not love), or on the global stage, “You Are Essential.” And what you do with that truth, what you do with that power, is up to you. Use it for good or waste it. It’s your choice.

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  1. I have definitely gone through seasons like this and still need to be reminded of the value I have. 😉 thanks for the encouraging words.

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