What You Do Matters

One of my dearest friends has three kids under the age of five.  She is the epitome of a Southern Martha Stewart, and also has a very successful career in financial planning.  I have often envied her ability to work at an office all day, cook a gourmet dinner for her family, and create a perfect Pinterest craft after the kids go to bed.  I have also watched her struggle to figure out how to balance and integrate work and home.  She makes lots of hard decisions and is constantly reevaluating.  I admire her tenacity to stand firm in what she believes in, while still pursuing a career and raising a family.

But sometimes, there can still be a struggle with acceptance of a job or career that taints the beauty and purpose of it:
    • Are you working part-time and feel constantly pulled in different directions because you cannot be “all there” in any area of life?
    • Are you loving what you do but sometimes struggle with guilt about loving it ‘too much’?
    • Are you fulfilling a calling that you sometimes wish was given to someone else so maybe your life would not be so complicated?
    • Are you gifted and passionate about what you do but struggle with what you are giving up by working full-time?
    • Are you single and wishing you were married so you did not have all of the financial pressure?
    • Are you forced to work due to financial obligations or an unforeseen need for extra cash?
    • Are you working to provide for your kids as a single mom and every time you go to work, you struggle with resentment towards the man who isn’t there for you?

No matter the circumstances, you need to know that what you do matters. There is always room to revaluate or reprioritize, but if you are fulfilling your role as a Home Essentialist along with another job or career, you need to remember your ‘why’ and be encouraged by who you are choosing to be:

  • A never-give-up hardworking individual who takes care of the necessities of life
  • A time management guru who has the opportunity to affect a lot of people positively while getting a lot of stuff done
  • An example to others (friends, family, children, and our culture as a whole) about fulfilling your dreams, passion or obligations with a sense of purpose and integrity
  • A provider for yourself or others to accomplish the goals you or your family have set or the obligations you need to fulfill
  • Someone who rises above the pressure and gets it done anyways in a dependable fashion
  • Someone who works to integrate home life and work life and plays all out every. single. day.
  • Someone who is changing the world one step and one day at a time
  • Someone who doesn’t have the luxury of making excuses
  • Someone who manages to excel in multiple areas of life and because of the time constraints, manages to be even more productive than normal

This is not an exhaustive list but hopefully it reminds you that you have a purpose, and no matter what anyone says, you get to choose how you are going to respond. We cannot always change our circumstances, but we can always change our response to our circumstances. We can also reevaluate every season, too.

One note of caution. If your desire to work is solely based on status, and you are sacrificing your responsibilities to your family to achieve that, I would highly suggest you take a little introspective look and reevaluate. Sometimes we start out on a journey and look up years later to discover our “why” has changed along the way and we regret where we’ve ended up. Know why you are doing it so you can freely enjoy the fruits of your labor!

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