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I’m celebrating!  Want to join me?

I am so excited to begin this journey with you. It has been a long time coming, and it has been an adventure filled with all sorts of crazy dreams and ideas. For the first week, I will be posting every day as a matter of introducing you to the themes and ideas behind homEssentialist, and next week we will truly get rolling with practical solutions.  I would LOVE to hear from you!  I want this space to be a resource for you, and it will largely be defined by what YOU want and need.  I promise you I will be authentic, transparent, and solutions-oriented.  YOU are the hero of your story…I just want to help you have the best superhero cape for the job.

Which leads us here, to you and me, to writing and reading and hopefully journeying together towards something meaningful and whole and lasting. I want to live a high-impact life and have a hunch you do, too. However, this experience of living and leading a high-impact life and running a healthy, successful, and high-functioning home and family can be flat out hard. It is so easy to become overwhelmed, exhausted, frustrated and defeated. I do not want to simply survive my life and settle for the status quo. If most of my everyday life is made up of behind the scenes, ordinary moments, I want to live them in an extraordinary way. Together, let’s create a remarkable life in the midst of ordinary circumstances.

First, I need to explain something.

In recent years, there has been a much stronger voice shouting for our attention to quit “doing,” simply “be,” and to “live in the present.” And I must say that my soul needs this reminder. I have moved away from defining myself as a human-doing and accepted that I am a human-being, who does not earn worth by what I accomplish during the day. But this has left me scrambling to understand how to take care of the responsibilities of life while truly living in the present. How do I live that out when there is a mountain of paperwork, loads of laundry, screaming children, a traveling husband, and an empty refrigerator most. every. day?!

I do not think I am alone.  I imagine you are nodding your head at a similar struggle.  We are all trying to figure this out.  So, this is not a blog about just being, but that’s important. This is not a blog about resting, even though that’s crucial. It’s about freedom, but not at the alter of being so present that you are neglecting life’s responsibilities. It’s about hope, but the kind of hope that says that you CAN actually be who you want to be WHILE doing what you need to do.  Let’s be honest, we experience immense joy and satisfaction when we create, build, dream and pursue opportunities. This does not even have to be a huge endeavor.  It is true on a small scale as well.  Although we are not defined by what we do, when we contribute to the greater good of ourselves and those around us, we flourish.  So, rather than living in a constant state of defeat, we might just feel like we’re winning.  Join me tomorrow as we begin this adventure together.

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4 thoughts on “Welcome to homEssentialist

  1. Way to go Em!
    So excited for you and so excited to journey with you… Even though I don’t run my household with kids and laundry, I can’t wait to see what I will be learning from you and your love to do life well!
    See you on the West side soon!

    • Thanks Kris! And stay tuned…you don’t have to have kids or be married to run your household. And hopefully you still have laundry to do. 😉 Can’t wait to see you!

  2. What a great idea from a talented gal.
    Can’t wait to follow as we focus on being who He wants us to be…
    While more efficiently taking care of the need to parts of life!

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